Service List

We have a range of business services that are designed to work individually or together to find, attract and keep your customers:

More details about our services below:


Trova offers everything in a sales campaign you need for a full sales cycle that includes the following:

Competition analysis

Lead Generation

Appointment setting & attendance

Sales qualification and automation

Problem solving & sales negotiations

Closing deals


Reseller / Partnerships programmes

Testimonials & referrals

Branding, Marketing and PR

Getting the correct message across to the right people at the right time is the essence of marketing. How your message is received is all about the correct Public Relations with your audience. Trova delivers the following :

Customer Profiling

Internet Marketing (including SEO, Remarketing, Adwords & Pay Per Click))

Direct Mail campaigns

Social Media campaigns & management (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)



Conferences, exhibitions & trade shows


Once you know who your target market, the next step is you have to connect with them and deliver your message to them in such an irresistible way through all of the available channels that they can’t help but be drawn to what you have to offer. Trova can help you reach the following media:







Research and Development

Before you can sell a product or service you have to know that:

  1. The product or service works and is saleable
  2. There are customers for what you are selling
  3. You have supply to meet the customer’s demand.

Trova helps businesses by rigorously checking every aspect of the product or service and road testing it from a selling point a view to ensure the product is ready to be delivered to the customers.

Customer Management

Keeping your customer once they have bought your product or service is the most important and profitable job you have. By keeping your customer loyal and maintaining the highest level of support and response will be the differentiator between you and your competition who want your customer’s business. Trova provides this customer service in the following ways:

After-sales care

Inbound customer service calls

Customer satisfaction and feedback programmes

Loyalty reward programmes

Educational content for regular value driven contact

Customer case studies

Websites & Technology

Trova can help your business with the latest technology, whether it is updating to a new website or selling online.

We can also help with implementing and managing CRM systems like Salesforce, Sage or Freshservice.

Implementing and then managing the technology with updates and security can be the hardest challenge with the speed of changes to technology in the 21st Century.